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We offer exceptional services for all your landscaping needs. Get a Free Quote today!

Service List

Spring & Fall Cleanups

All leaves, sticks, and debris will be removed from your lawn and beds. Perennial & ornamental grass cutbacks will also be done. Debris removal is available for towns that do not provide pickup.

Gutter Cleaning

Leaves, sticks, seeds, and debris are removed from gutters and downspouts.

Landscape Removal

Is it time for a landscape change? Give us a call we can remove them all!

  • Bushes

  • Shrubs

  • Hedges

  • Trees

  • Brush clearing & more!

Weeding & Bed Maintenance

Weeds and unwanted vegetation are removed by hand using assorted hand tools that are right for the job. Big or small, give us a call we can Weed them all!

Hedge/Shrub & Ornamental Tree Pruning

We can help you keep your hedges and shrubs neat and presentable. Whether it is just a maintenance trim or they are quite overgrown. Give us a call we trim them all!


We offer a garden rototilling service with a heavy duty rear tire tiller. Big or small we do them all, so cultivate that soil and get growing!

Landscape Design & Plantings

If you have a vision or you need help designing one we are here to help! We work with all the local nurseries in the area to help find exactly what you're looking for:

  • Mulch

  • Stone

  • Topsoil

  • Sand

  • Manure

  • Compost

  • Sod

  • Trees

  • Plants & More!

3 Season Color Plantings

Let us help you create or add to a more colorful landscape by adding:

  • Bulbs for the spring season 

  • Annuals for the summer season

  • Mums for the fall season

Mulch Installation

Mulch immediately enhances the overall  look of your landscape & provides many benefits to improve the health of your plants and soil. It is recommended to use a 2” to 3” layer of mulch in beds and around the base of trees to maximize benefits. 


Reasons to Mulch: Mulching Helps!

  • Suppresses weed growth and makes the weeds that do come up easier to pull 

  • Holds on to water longer to maximize rainfall and watering - which keeps your plants happier longer on those hot summer days. It is an insulator in times of extreme heat and cold Rochester weather


There are many different types and colors of mulch available.

Most common types of mulch

  • Organic mulch

  • Hardwood bark

  • Softwood bark

  • Municipal tree waste

  • Cocoa bean mulch

  • Leaf mulch

  • Composted animal manure

  • Cedar mulch 

  • Rubber mulch

Most common colors of mulch

  • Natural wood

  • Brown

  • Black

  • Red

Decorative Stone Installation

Decorative Stone beds immediately enhance the overall look of your landscape. They last much longer than mulched beds because you almost never need to replace them. Therefore it usually costs less in upkeep costs. 


  • Helps suppress weed growth like mulching 

  • Many different sizes and colors available

Landscape Bed & Hard Surface Edging

Bed edging can be done by hand or by using a walk behind edging machine. Bed edging is done before mulch installation to achieve a 3” deep trench to bring out a more definitive & crisp look to your landscape beds, driveways, walkways & sidewalks.

Core Aeration

This process uses a walk behind machine with hollow tines to extract 3” cores of soil to the lawns surface. Don’t worry the core plugs decompose back into the ground usually within 10 days.

Reasons to aerate your lawn:

  • It helps break down the thatch that chokes out your lawn

  • Allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to become readily available to your lawns roots

  • Helps roots thrive by promoting a healthier deeper root system that becomes a stronger more drought tolerant lawn

  • Reduces soil compaction caused by snow, lawn rollers, and high foot traffic

  • It is the perfect time to overseed your lawn


Usually performed in the cooler damp seasons like spring and fall immediately following core aeration. Overseeding is a great idea to help fill in thin areas and bare spots in your lawn. 


De-thatching your Lawn helps remove the thick layer of decaying plant material so water, air and nutrients can reach the soil better.

Bulk Mulch/Stone & Topsoil Delivery

Give us a call we can deliver them all!

Spring & Fall Cleanings
Gutter Cleaning
Core Aeration
Over Seeding
Weeding & Bed Maintenance
Mulch Installation
Decorative Stone Installation
Bulk Mulch Stone & Topsoil Delivery
Hedge Shrub & Ornamental Tree Pruning
3 Season Color Plantings
Landscape Design & Plantings
Landscape Bed & Hard Surface Edging
Landscape Removal
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